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I started my software development career at the start of 2021, enrolling in the Code Institute Full Stack Software Development Diploma.

This course allowed me to work to my own schedule, learning web development from the very basics of HTML and CSS to mastering Full Stack frameworks like Django - picking up JavaScript, Python, Flask and SQL on the way.

As part of the course, I developed 4 graded portfolio websites, each showcasing different development skills I have attained from Front to Back-End technologies. Check out my Portfolio page to find out more.

I was delighted to graduate from the course in August 2021 with the highest possible grade - Distinction!

Since completing the course I have dedicated my time to continuing my professional development in this field. In particular learning the Front-End framework React and the Gatsby library - I created this portfolio site using Gatsby!

My CI Certificate

I spend the majority of my free time with my dog Nellie. I live in the beautiful English countryside so there is no shortage of walks to take her on.

My other hobbies include hiking, football and music. Every year, I go skiing in Austria - this inspired one of my websites!

It is important not to stop learning - next on my list are PHP and the associated frameworks Laravel and Symfony.

I want to work within the software development industry in a position where I can continue my professional development as well as make a contribution. My professional background in operations and customer service have outfitted me with excellent problem solving, teamwork and people skills which complement my technical side.

With Nellie in Wales

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