The House With No Name

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | JSON API


The House with No Name was the winning project in the Code Institute Halloween Spookathon 2021. The brief was to design and produce an original creative interactive halloween story - something team CodeBusters certainly succeeded at!

Inspired by the R.L. Stine Goosebumps children's choose your own adventure books, we wrote a completely original story in that vein based around a haunted house. All the story data is stored in JSON data which our JavaScript manipulates and dynamically generates the book pages and routing through the story. This means that the story can be easily edited, expanded or one could even add a comletely new story without having to write any further code.

I was the team lead for this project, assigning tasks, scheduling with sprints, helping less experienced members of the team and making sure the project was production ready for the deadline. I also wrote the majority of the JavaScript logic which made this project code easily reusable using JSON data.

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