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Hemswell Antique Centres is the largest Antique marketplace in europe and one of my employers' most long standing clients.

Recently, Hemswell invested in a state of the art 360 degree camera set up to get the best possible images of products on sale. This meant building a new back end system, integrating Hemswell's website with the photography software and API. I built a fully fledged CRUD system where products and images can be quickly and easily uploaded to the website by the Hemswell staff as well as by individual antique dealers - many of whom are not the most IT literate of people, so it needed to be very straightforward for the user.

There were a number of factors which needed to be taken into account; for example the users are required to enter the dimensions and weight upon product upload. This data is validated before allowing photographs to be taken - the photography set up has size restrictions so for example larger goods like furniture would be unsuitable. Hemswell have 2 photography machines, one small and one large so the code is also clever enough to calculate which machine is more appropriate.

Finally, once the Hemswell webteam have taken the pictures and are satisfied with the result, our custom upload form automatically takes the API data from the photography software (and cloud storage) to immediately deliver the beautiful images on the website.

I have built this project to be easily scalable, so if for example Hemswell were to invest in further photographic equipment, it will be easy to update the code to allow this. More information can be found on the Hemswell Blog article

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