Lincs Aviation

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Lincs Aviation was a project I picked up 3 years after it was first begun and led it to completion. My company began building this website 3 years ago, which was put on hold throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. By the time it came to me, the technologies used were already slightly outdated and the site was generally poorly built.

I enjoyed the challenge of finding and fixing several bugs in both the front and back-end. I felt a bit like the staff at the Lincs Aviation centre who work hard every day trying to bring their Lancaster Bomber back to the skies.

I also built a ticketing system which is used at every major event held at the centre. Customers are sent an email QR code with their tickets, which they can present at the museum entrance. THe QR code is scanned and links to a unique URL allowing the museum staff to verify and validate each ticket as they come.

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