Lionoil - Dunking On the Ceiling

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | KaboomJS | Python | Flask | MongoDB


Lionoil - Dunking on The Ceiling was the winning project in the Code Institute Retro Gaming Hackathon. Given the Lionel Richie theme, of course our team name was The Commodore 64[s]. The brief was to create a retro game.

The game uses the excellent KaboomJS JavaScript game libary to create a wacky platformer designed to thrill and frustrate. The design was inspired by the 80s and Lionel Richie's legendary song Dancing on the Ceiling in particular. The player must progress through as many levels as possible to gain the highest score. Of course it isn't as easy as that, as the game provides an exciting 'twist' that is sure to confound even the hardiest gamer.

I participated in this project just after the completion of my Software Development Diploma so was one of the more experienced members of the team. As such I took the lead in assigning tasks, scheduling (using sprints), helping other members of the team and tying the project together at the end and fixing bugs. I also implemented the majority of the in-game logic, learning a lot about the KaboomJS library on the way which was really exciting.

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