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More2Offer, created by team Access All Areas won second place in the Code Institute Trust in Soda Accessiblity Hackathon. The brief was to create a solution to accessibility problems found in the modern workplace.

We came up with the idea to change the way an online job application portal functions. An applicant will fill in a questiononaire based on their skills and personal needs - earning relevant badges to communicate this with the prospective employer. The idea is that this will avoid future awkwardness/conflict within the recruitment process and later on in the workplace as well as provide an opportunity for the applicant to showcase their unique skills.

This website is designed to encourage employers to think outside the box. Do you really want to miss out on an A-Grade employee just because they have a different ability set than what you have previously been used to? Because they didn't follow a traditional educational path? The main aim of More2Offer is to support and encourage employers to educate and empower themselves, encouraging recruitment from a truly diverse pool of candidates, focusing on “Can Do” rather than “May Struggle With”.

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