Ski Carinthia

HTML | CSS | Bootstrap | JavaScript | jQuery | Python | Django | PostgreSQL | Stripe API | LeafletJS API | AccuWeather API


I chose to make a website advertising the skiing resorts in the Carinthia region of Austria, as I wanted to share this beautiful region which is close to my heart.

Ski Carinthia utilises the Full-Stack framework Django. The model-template-views architectural pattern Django uses is ideal for an e-commerce website. It provides the facility for users to purchase ski passes for specific resorts as displayed on the site using the Stripe API.

A logged in user can also contribute to the on-site blog by adding blog posts, commenting on others' blog posts and up/downvoting others' comments.

Additional Technologies/APIs used:

  • Stripe API - this is used for the payment system, allowing users to purchase ski passes. The spoof card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 can be used to make purchases on the site.
  • LeafletJS API - this excellent map API was used to display the location of each resort on a map of the region
  • AccuWeather API - used to show live weather updates for the next 5 days in each resort
  • SQL - the inbuilt Django SQLite was used for the development database, which was ported to PostgreSQL for the Heroku deployment.

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